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Author: Common Work
Jerzy Kramaszewski is one of the last wicker basket makers working on the banks of Vistula river. He is said to be the...
Author: Maciej Moskwa Blog
Mr. Grzegorz Stachurski is folk artist who was born and spend most of his life in Lower Vistula Valley. With a great...
Author: Maciej Moskwa Blog
Mr. Kramaszewski- a basket weaver from Lower Vistula Valley who is a hero of TESTIGO story-"By the river"...
Author: Maciej Moskwa Blog
Along Vistula river from Tczew town down to Ostaszewo. Approx. 25km walk.
Author: Maciej Moskwa Blog
Again, we paid a visit to Mr. Jerzy Kramaszewski from the Kosowo Village in Swiecie County.  He seems to be one of...
Author: Common Work
A trailer for a multimedia documentary project focusing on people who live by the Vistula River and whose lives and...
Author: Sławomir Rompski Blog
Cricket is the most popular sport in India. It's even more popular than football for Europeans. It's a national...
Author: Maciej Moskwa Blog
Mr. Jerzy Kramaszewski from Kosowo village seems to be one of very last basket weavers who used to live and work at...
Author: Maciej Moskwa Blog
Testigo documentary photographers spend another night and day at the banks of Vistula River. After few months of not...
Author: Common Work Tearsheet
November 2010, monthly travel and geographic magazine "Poznaj Świat". Article about the beauty of Vistula...
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