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Ukrainian Revolution in Lviv

On November 21st 2013, Ukrainian President Viktor F. Yanukovich rejected signing a EU association agreement which would be a step into Ukraine membership in the European Union. Pro integration peaceful protest burst out all over the country including Russia oriented Eastern Ukraine. The protests have been mostly started and run by students. Opposition parties joined in and added another demand of the government to step down. The largest protests go on in Kiev however Euromaidan gatherings keep up the spirit of protest spread out in many large cities including Lviv in Western Ukraine which is a heart of pro EU movement. The protesters became more united after a cruel attack of police special forces Berkut on protesters and journalists on Nov30th in Kiev. Protesters in Lviv are supported by local authorities and they  also send out activists to support the main protest in Kiev. The students built a temporary camp at Plac Svobody, which became a heart of revolution and temporarily called Euromaidan Lviv. Students and party activists run a strong informational campaign and try to unite society and keep up the spirit of the coming change and  tracking the news from the Ukrainian capital.