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The River

The Vistula River is 1047 km long and flows only within the borders of Poland. The Vistula's waters run from the mountains in the south, through flat midlands and down to the Baltic sea. It's a historical and geographical pivot in Poland binding regions and cities together.

The Vistula was the most important transporation route in Poland in the 16th century. It served as an economic engine of development for the most important cities in Poland. As a result there is a strong, shared cultural heritage in communities living along the river.

The Vistila is no longer used for transporting cargo and has become an obstacle for local communities that once thrieved on the influx of people an bussiness. It has also become a serius flood threat. For the last century no consistent policy on treatment of the river has been developed. There is currently heated debate between politicians, scientists and ecologists over the state of the river. Some want to leave it wild, some would build concrete banks to protect against floods and make it a transportation route again. All parties involved want to find a way to prevent the flooding. A powerful lobby of electrical companies has also joined the debate expressing the desire to build a second another dam and power station on the river.

The river is a fascinating trail to take if one wants to experience the country and it's people.

Tha project was initiated by the Marek Kaminski Foundation and co-authored by the Sopot Schools of Photography WFH.


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