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The first Dutch settlers came to Northern Poland about 450 years ago. They were Mennonites, Anabaptists looking for a secure life somewhere in Europe. Poland was, at that time, a good direction - liberal and open for religious minorities.
The Mennonites started to settle down in the Żuławy region and the Lower Vistula Valley, areas that were threatened with flood. They were experienced in reclamation of wetland and had helped to built a necessary infrastructure for farming on polders.
Today, there are no more Mennonite descendants in Poland, but as soon as the Communism collapsed in Easter Europe, a new wave of Dutch migrants started to settle in the area where their ancestors had first broken ground so long ago.
The area of Holland is approximately seven times smaller then Poland and its population is just two times smaller, so the Dutch search in Poland for more land to farm and bread animals. They also look for the opportunity to do business in a country with a growing economy.
Photographs by Przemysław Kozłowski and Sławomir Rompski