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Spring that hasn't bloomed

Syria is immersed in war. A few months before the violence became prohibitively dangerous inside the rebel-held provinces of Idlib and Hama photojournalist Maciej Moskwa and writer Rafal Grzenia took two trips through the areas occupied by the Free Syrian Army. They documented the devastation - an everyday reality in a country where possession of guns has become the determining line between life and death. At present, future journalistic work in the area has been limited due to the increasing violence. After three years of war which is estimated to have killed more than 130,000 people, the regime in Damascus continues to receive military aid from Russia. In areas where the rebellion began against current president Bashar Al Assad, the power vacuum has left room for radical Islamic groups to take over. In some places Sharia law has been imposed. Civilians attempting to flee have been trapped in the snare of violence.


Photos & Movie: Maciej Moskwa
Montage & Editing: Artur Hutnik
Background sound: Rafał Grzenia