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The Marathon Runner

Fifty-four-year-old Ryszard Kałaczyński, a farmer from the small village of Witunia, has run 366 marathons. In 2015, he ran a distance of 42.195 km, the official distance of a marathon. For the whole year, he ran 15,000 kilometers.

He has no medical support, no coach, and no special diet. His friends and the inhabitants of the village help him to accomplish his goals. His marathon course is to run around the village of Witunia, six times. "I ran every day," Kałaczyńsk saidi. "No matter if it rained, snowed or not. No matter if I had a fever. I started on the 15th of August, on the day of Mother of God Herbaceus, the patron of my running."

Kałaczyński did not stop his duties as a farmer during his marathon project. He plans his day so that he can run after he feeds his pigs.

In 2014, Kałaczyński 800 km ran across Poland starting from Zakopane ending in Sopot, in a week. He made 120 km a day.

Kałaczyński's dedication to running is born out of an addiction to alcohol. When he signed up for therapy, he found the strenuous act of running, a substitute for alcohol. This story was shot in 2015 and 2016.