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The Auschwitz survivor
Author: Anna Maria Biniecka Blog / 27 January, 2015 / Age: 5 yrs

Mrs. Alfreda Lipska was born in 1922 in village Biała Góra, Poland. Despite her 93 years, Mrs. Lipska is youthful and vigorous. Her demeanor is all the more surprising given her history and suffering during World War II. She is a survivor from the German concentration camp in Poland, Auschwitz.

When Mrs. Lipska was 21, she and her family were arrested by the Nazis for supporting Polish partisans. Mrs. Lipska, her parents and her sister became prisoners in camp KL Auschwitz.

She considers herself incredibly lucky to survive the medical experimentation of the Nazi doctor Josef Mengele in addition to the inhumane and oppressive conditions of the concentration camp. Her father was murdered in the gas chamber 3 months before the Soviets liberated the camp. In January of 1945 she, her mother and sister were moved to KL Bergen-Belsen were she stayed until the camp was liberated by the British troops in May 1945.

Despite her age, Mrs. Lipska is jovial “No wonder my body gives me hard times after it had been spanked so many times, but I just move on."

Photographs by Anna Maria Biniecka / TESTIGO

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