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Syrian refugees in Lebanon
Author: Maciej Moskwa Blog / 12 December, 2011 / Age: 7 yrs

Wadi Khaled, an impoverished village near the northernmost corner of Lebanon lies in a valley that is surrounded on three sides by Syria.

The village is less than 30 miles away from Homs, a focal point of the Syrian uprising. Refugees from the Syrian conflict between pro-democracy protestors and the government have fled to Lebanon, but they are far from safe.
Recent incursions by Syrian troops along the border have disrupted the region and the Lebanese government has yet to issue a formal statement welcoming the refugees.

Syrian refugees, fleeing from internal strife between pro-democratic protestors and a government crackdown, set up temporary shelter in the village of Wadi Khaled, Lebanon. The village sits just a few hundred meters away from the Syrian border and less than 30 miles from a major center for the rebel uprising.

Near the village of Wadi Khaled, Lebanon, is one of the many refugee camps along the Syrian border. The camp in the front is on lebanese land while the buildings on the hill in the background are on Syrian territory. The village of Wadi Khaled is less than 30 miles from the Syrian town of Homs which has seen strong fighting in recent months.

Some Syrian refugees fleeing from heavy conflict in Homs, are now staying less than 30 miles away in the Lebanese village of Wadi Khaled. The conflict has spilled over the border on several occasions however and residents say it is not out of the ordinary to hear gunshots and see signs of the ongoing violence.

A Syrian refugee holds up a photo of a shooting victim from the city of Talkalakh in the Homs district in Syria. The Homs district has torn apart by heavy fighting between pro-democracy rebels and state forces.

Moblie clinic in Wadi Khaled is provided by Lebanese authorities as help for Syrian refuges.

Syrian refugees make a temporary home in Wadi Khaled, a Lebanese village situated perilously close to the border between the two countries.

A primary school in Wadi Khaled in Lebanon has been given to refugees from Syria to serve as a temporary shelter.

Syrian refugees have built temporary shelters a few hundred short meters away from the Syrian border near the town of Wali Khaled.

A Syrian refugee in Wadi Khaled, Lebanon sits with pigeons in cages.

Citizens of the village of Wadi Khaled, Lebanon meet in the evening. This group provides help the the Syrian refugees.

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