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Author: Sławomir Rompski Blog / 18 October, 2011 / Age: 8 yrs

Bundi is a small Indian town located in the south part of Rajasthan in hot, severe climate among inaccessible hills. Bundi is the most picturesque place in the region. The town is ruled by rhesus monkeys alsoknown as the red faced monkeys. It’s not because they are regarded here as sacred, but because they’ve learned how to obtain food by force. The red-faced monkeys are extremely fast, agile and aggressive especially in the vicinity of food. Bites from rabid monkeys cause rabies. Exposed people have to be given a series of three abdominal injections. Therefore it’s better to avoid any closer contact with these animals.

Bundi’s location makes it a perfect home for the monkeys. There are well-preserved defensive walls, massive Taragarth Fort and Bundi Palace. Moreover the town is surrounded by hills, where the monkeys spend their nights. They’ve also taken up a part of the Bundi Palace, which is closed for visitors.

At dawn the monkeys go down to the town for breakfast. They steal food from tourists, restaurants and stalls. Their favourite dish is chapati – an Indian cooked flatbread. The rhesus monkeys form gangs and fight between each other. It sounds like a storm when they chase each other on metal roofs. Top-roof restaurants, very common in India, here in Bundi are protected against hungry monkeys with bamboo constructions similar to big cages. It’s the only possible barrier for them, paradoxically holding humans captive.

The only way to scare the monkeys off is to hit the ground with a bamboo stick – they can’t stand the hollow sound it makes. A bamboo stick is included in the price of admission to Bundi Palace and Taragarh Fort.

A mistrustful and hostile monkey is standing on the top of the hill which is overlooking the city.

Around midday. Monkeys are roaming the streets in search of food.

Rhesus monkeys have learned perfectly how to move in urban public space.

Monkeys are very fast and skilful when it comes to looking for food.

In the evening monkeys make their way to Bundi Palace to rest.

Two monkeys at play on the walls of Bundi Palace in the light of the setting sun.

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