photography and multimedia journalism association


Testigo Documentary

TESTIGO DOCUMENTARY is a collective of multimedia journalists focusing on social, political and environmental issues.

Since its establishment in 2009, members have focused on a range of topics typically excluded from the mainstream media.

What else we do?

  1. we focus on documenting human cultural heritage worldwide
  2. we document current events worldwide on both the micro and macro levels
  3. our goal is to highlight issues that we find important in local communities that are microcosms of larger global issues
  4. we pass on our knowledge by organizing workshops and lectures for students, and sharing our knowledge of the visual arts while broadening the social awareness of participants. 
  5. our projects are made to raise the awareness of the viewer about the problems people face, as well as document the human condition in places avoided by mainstream media
  6. we use and promote visual arts in several different fields from using old classic techniques and film photography to digital imaging and videography
  7. we focus on multimedia as a powerful communication tool
  8. we support charity by delivering photographs that help to raise funds for non-profit organizations